Валентин Гафт оказался в инвалидном кресле The health of the actor is rapidly deteriorating. Valentin Gaft is suffering from a serious disease, but continues to go on stage. According to the man, only it helps him to move on.
Валентин Гафт оказался в инвалидном кресле

Actor Valentin Gaft never hid that loves his job. The man used to work on several productions and in parallel to star in a movie. However, in recent years it is becoming harder to hide health problems.

In the program “the Stars aligned” was shown a report filmed in the house. Before admirers of a man appeared in a wheelchair. It turns out that 82-year-old actor is progressing Parkinson’s disease. However, he prefers not to complain about the feeling and continued to go on stage.

“I don’t feel well, but still please call me in new projects. Sometimes call, and then give up. Like, I fall apart. And I live it, I want to work,” said the man.

Valentin I. does not like people feeling sorry for him, so he tries not to spread about your well-being. To the fans it always looks fresh and rested.

Now about the care his wife Gaft, Olga Ostroumova. She tries to do everything possible to the man in no known needs. According to friends Valentine Iosifovich, he literally comes alive on stage. It is the love of the audience helps the artist to hold on and not give up.

“Now he feels good, and you know why? Because he is on tour in Georgia. Sometimes we have to take him to the scene, he had difficulty walking, felt awful. And here comes on the scene, and health problems like a miracle pass. I don’t know how this is possible. Works, looks strong. Yes, he develops a serious disease, but he needs work, and the audience need it,” said one of the friends of the Gaft.

A star said that the fans love, helps them stay afloat and continue to work. So, the wife of Nikolai Karachentsov admitted that they often meet fans who loved the actor and support his struggle for life.

Health Valentin Gaft can only envy. His filmography currently includes 160 paintings, and almost every role men becomes a cult. In addition, the artist actively playing at the theater and occasionally participates in various seminars, creative meetings.