Valentin Gaft shed light on information about a sharp deterioration of health

Валентин Гафт пролил свет на информацию о резком ухудшении самочувствия The people’s artist of the RSFSR health problems, so the performance of “as long as there is space” with his participation, decided to transfer for July. This news came as a surprise to his fans. Most recently, Valentin Gaft went to Georgia, where he was a recital.
Валентин Гафт пролил свет на информацию о резком ухудшении самочувствия

82-year-old Valentin Gaft was supposed to go on stage “Contemporary” may 28, but the statement “While there is a space” with the actor unexpectedly was moved to 8 July. In the theater, explained the schedule changes, illness of the artist and apologized to viewers for the inconvenience. Those who do not fit the new date, offered to hand over tickets in cash within a few days.

Journalists rushed to contact Valentin I. to find out how he feels. The actor confirmed that he is unwell, so the performance suffered. However, the actor was quick to reassure fans.

“The information is true. I don’t feel well, but not to such an extent not to play, I just don’t play it physically, it has nothing to do with some terrible disease. Everything is fine, it happens. Do not panic. Is cold, there are all sorts of things,” explained Valentin I. correspondents.

Recently, Gaft felt good and even went on tour in another country. The eighteenth of may, the famous actor, visited Georgia, where he had scheduled a recital. Meeting fans with the actor took place in the Belarus Free theatre in Tbilisi. The audience watched fragments of films with participation of Valentin Iosifovich (both popular and less known) listened to excerpts from his books and became acquainted with the numerous epigrams, dedicated colleagues on star shop.

However, in the program “the Stars aligned” Gaft suddenly appeared before the audience in a wheelchair. Friends of people’s artist of the RSFSR talked about the fact that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Sam Valentin I. tries not to complain of health problems. “I don’t feel well, but still please call me in new projects. Sometimes call, and then give up. Like, I fall apart. And I live it, I want to work”, – said the actor.

Familiar GAFTA noted that the work makes him forget about all the difficulties. “Sometimes we have to take him to the scene, he had difficulty walking, felt awful. And here comes on stage and health problems are like a miracle,” shared one of the star friends.

In a recent interview with REN-TV Valentin Gaft said that he plans to return to the stage in the summer. While the actor came to himself, a couple of performances with his participation will be cancelled.