Valdis Pelsh was discharged from the hospital

Валдиса Пельша выписали из больницы
The TV presenter completed planned tests.

Valdis Pelsh

Photo: Instagram

Valdis Pelsh was discharged from the hospital in which he was held
planned tests. This diagnosis broadcaster takes place every year, it is a necessary measure
after in 2007, he was in the hospital with inflammation of the pancreas
cancer. Then the doctors saved the star’s life, and since he was very responsible
relates to your health.

That is why Valdis was very angry,
after reading online about their emergency hospitalization. “It was a scheduled examination, — told reporters
Pelsh. — Passing through all necessary procedures, I was discharged”.

News related to health problems of famous people
often greatly exaggerated. So, this spring, has information about
that Armen of Jigarhanyan serious condition is in hospital (the actor and Director was hospitalized in the Institute
Sklifosovsky for planned testing). Rumors
denied the actor’s wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

“Fortunately, the information about the dire state of Armen
Of Miller, which appears in the media, has nothing to do with reality
— shared then Vitalina. My husband feels
good, at the moment I am with them in the house and we discuss
the next performance of “theatre in the time of Nero and Seneca” with his participation”.