Valdis Pelsh is in the hospital

Валдис Пельш попал в больницу According to the journalists, broadcaster was hospitalized in one of capital clinics. After examining the patient, doctors discovered he had a number of serious diseases. Valdis Pelsh will be forced to remain in a medical facility to get treatment.

      According to the journalists, 49-year-old TV presenter Valdis Pelsh was hospitalized in one of capital clinics. Doctors conducted a survey and found from the entertainer several serious diseases. The artist will have to spend some time in the hospital.

      At the moment, Pelsh is in the hospital. Doctors decided to prescribe him a course of intensive therapy. Valdis condition is estimated as stable. The TV presenter confirmed that he was taken to the hospital, but noted that the survey will be planned. According to an’she, nothing serious happened.

      For several years the President is suffering from a disease of the pancreas, so the host has to undergo a scheduled examination that his condition did not worsen. In 2007, the doctors barely saved PEL’she, when he was taken with pancreatitis in the intensive care unit. The presenter was diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis. In this disease the patient needed intensive care. By the way, this illness caused Valdis start to follow a diet, which excluded from his diet of fried and fatty meals.

      Evil tongues say that the star abused alcohol. However, wife Pelsh Svetlana explained that unscrupulous journalists misinterpreted the words of the doctor. “My husband was never much drinking man. The claim that the President has a whole month celebrating their anniversary, is absolute nonsense. It is unclear who needed to negotiate rights. I guess someone didn’t hear the rest of the review gastroenterologist. You know, in the intensive care unit may be even a fan of soda – the causes of this disease is not clear, and all very individually. It’s a shame that our misfortunes press made a “soap Opera” – said the wife of the TV presenter.

      The star said that examination will be scheduled. Valdis Pelsh-known Russian public as the presenter of such a show “guess the melody”, “Prank”, “king of the Ring”. At the beginning of the two thousandth, he held the position of Director of children’s and entertainment programs of the First channel. At the moment, Valdis sits on the jury of the Higher League of KVN, in films and maintains the corporate events.