Valdis Pelsh has caused something of a stir in the women’s dormitory

Валдис Пельш устроил переполох в женском общежитии Showman, together with the other scared students. According to Sergei Chekryzhov, which Valdis Pelsh played in the group “Accident” one night they took two girls for thieves because they had been going through their stuff.
Валдис Пельш устроил переполох в женском общежитии

Today the name Valdis Pelsh is most often associated with “name that tune” and “Drawing”. But his career future star of the silver screen was just not on television. In his student years, to nobody the known guy of Latvian origin, he founded the rock band “the Accident”. In the University boy band quickly gained popularity, so the guys were invited on tours around the country. Today, June 5, broadcaster celebrates 50th anniversary.

Despite the fact that he left the group in 1997, still Pelsh on special occasions appears on the scene in its composition. Professor Valdis survived with the band all difficulties on the path to glory. A close friend of showman Sergey Chekryzhov recalls a funny incident that happened to them early in his career:

“Valdis, we went to school together at MSU, though in different faculties. He is a philosophical student, I – mathematics and mechanics. In 1983 Pelsh organized together with a friend, Alex Kortnevym “Accident”. Then they were joined by saxophonist Pasha Mordyukov and drummer Vadim Sorokin. Guys looking for accordionist, I found quite by accident.

Валдис Пельш устроил переполох в женском общежитии

In the same University. So five of us, and began to perform on stage, gave concerts. In the summer of 1987 I went to participate in the music competition in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok hosted the international student festival songs. Traveled to Novosibirsk for two days on the train: the whole way we were accompanied by the scorching sun, in the car was unbearable stuffiness.

At the station early in the morning I met the organizers, I suggested, “Maybe somewhere for Breakfast?” The General opinion of the group voiced Valdis: “we Have the same festival in 8 hours to begin, we should get some sleep. Show us a better place where they can stay with the guys for a couple of days.”
Валдис Пельш устроил переполох в женском общежитии

The greeters were ready for it, “Then went to the Dorm!” About any hotel we could have hoped for. What to take from the poor students? Thanks for the Dorm room, it is also very close to the station was. When got no questions left things on the floor and immediately collapsed on the bed. The rest quickly fell asleep baby, I was not so lucky – consider themselves people who are very light sleeper. Any rustling might Wake you up. And so it happened!

After half an hour through the snooze I hear: the door creaked. Opened one eye, saw that across the room a bunch of silhouettes. Value not given: “Probably, the boys quietly went to the toilet. After all, so much beer drunk on the train!” Again dozed off. Suddenly the creaking again. Already alarmed, listened in the room of someone obviously was. Back to my bed stood the girl and went through our closet, quietly took out his things and folded to his bags. Came up with only one thought: “Thieves!” Pushed sleeping Valdis. “How we getting up yet?” – Sacasa eyes, asked Pelsh and looked at me from under the blanket. “Hush!” – tell, and he shot eyes at the girls.

Валдис Пельш устроил переполох в женском общежитииValdis saw my frightened look, turned his head to the side of the Cabinet. Without excess sentimentality loudly cleared his throat and asked: “can We get you something to help?” Girls even jumped in surprise. “Oh, are you awake? Sorry, didn’t mean to alarm you! We’ll be leaving now”. Pelsh said, “yeah, so you’re released. Can you explain first what’s going on? And why do you climb without demand in our stuff?” The stranger mouths pootkryvali – evident, the threat that affected them. “You probably didn’t. This is our room – suddenly said the second girl. – You are in a Sorority. My friend lived here until today. Passed the session and sent home to parents in the summer holidays. That the room was empty, were allowed to settle here guests. With Seating for visitors in the city very tight”.

We, of course, was taken aback. It turns out, the girls rushed to the bus and forgot some things and documents in the closet. Recovered only in the middle of the road. Came back, and here we have. Girlfriend checked again my bags and left for Breakfast oranges and as if nothing had happened walked out of the room. When everybody woke up, we told them about the incident, laughed heartily. And in the next two days we again had to justify to the residents of the dormitory at his presence.”

Валдис Пельш устроил переполох в женском общежитии