Вэл Килмер рассказал о борьбе со страшной болезнью
The actor spoke about his miraculous cure.

Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer for the first time openly
told as cancer — throat cancer — which had the doctors changed
the priorities in his life, and how did to overcome this terrible disease.

“In the past, before the illness, I had it all wrong. I too seriously
belonged to some things — like fame and recognition. I was seriously worried
due to the fact that I had no one “Oscar”. I dreamed that I
there were more than Meryl Streep. I thought that the awards is a manifestation of the universal
love. And who doesn’t want to be loved? Only gradually I managed
to understand that fame only brings confusion to the mind. After all, what people
treat you differently, like a celebrity, really. doesn’t change anything
in you…” said Kilmer.

According to the actor, which belongs to
the sect Christian science, although he had surgery and underwent chemotherapy,
to recover helped him not the doctors, and prayers. “I know many who have recovered
thanks to the prayers. And even more people who have relied on modern
medicine, and, nevertheless, did not survive…” — said the actor.

Rumors that Val Kilmer is deadly
a dangerous disease that spread through Hollywood for more than two years. First
the actor dramatically lost weight to such an extent that it has become almost unrecognizable, then there
in public with a rubber tube connected to the throat. And later on the neck of the artist
a large scar is clearly from surgery. However, up to this
spring, he categorically denied the presence of the disease. And just this spring
Kilmer for the first time confirmed his diagnosis.