Val Kilmer is seriously ill

Вэл Килмер тяжело болен
The sad secret of the actor gave his friend Michael Douglas.

Val Kilmer


In Hollywood it has long been rumored that
Val Kilmer suffers from some very
serious diseases. But the actor flatly refused to confirm this fact. But recently, his secret accidentally gave Michael Douglas in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“Val is a wonderful guy, but he, alas, has several years of suffering from the same
the problems that I did. Moreover, his works are very important”, —
said Douglas, telling how he worked with Kilmer on the set of the movie “the Ghost and the darkness”. As you know, the Douglas in 2010 found cancer
disease. Initially, Michael announced that he
disease of the larynx, but later admitted that he was suffering from a malignant
tongue cancer. But if Douglas had safely passed through surgery and treatment and overcame the disease, the as Val seems, still inspires serious

Over the last three years in the overseas press, writing about Kilmer, has been suspected cancer. Everyone remembers how the actor lost weight dramatically to such an extent that it has become almost
unrecognizable, then appeared in public with a rubber tube connected to the throat. And later could be considered a big scar on
the neck of the artist is clearly from surgery. Several times in the press
leaked information about the next admission of Vela, but the actor
every time strongly denied such information. “I have no
tumor and I didn’t do any operation!” — he wrote in January on the page in a social network, to appease his fans. Stealth actor a
explain his belonging to the sect “Christian science”, which, among
other things, forbids his followers to resort to