Val Kilmer is fading away

Вэл Килмер тает на глазах

Hollywood actor Val Kilmer has continued to deny his illness, but his emaciated appearance suggests otherwise. The other day the artist saw in Santa Monica when he was barely carried to the car a huge box. Just two weeks ago, Val has officially stated that he never had throat cancer, but admitted that he treated the vocal cords in the past year.

Insiders and even his own mother say that Kilmer is now worse than ever. He loses weight, n not even close to admit it. 56-year-old actor in November of this year, has denied the words of his friend and colleague Michael Douglas that he has the same illness as wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. But Val has categorically rejected it.
“I love Michael Douglas, but he had false information. Last time we talked two years ago, when I asked his counsel on where to find a specialist to be diagnosed. I had a strange lump in my throat. The problem with ligaments prevented me to go on tour with the play “CITIZEN TWAIN”. I was treated in a Los Angeles hospital and no cancer I have.
Some fans mistakenly thought that since I’m not talking about your health, then something is wrong with him, but it’s far from the truth. At the same time, I am very grateful for the love and support of people from all over the world” — categorically stated Val.