Val Kilmer denied the words of Michael Douglas about his disease

Вэл Килмер опроверг слова Майкл Дугласа о своей болезни

The other day a colleague and close friend of Hollywood actor Val Kilmer Michael Douglas confirmed that his friend is suffering from throat cancer – the same disease that not so long ago overcame Michael himself, and that his business is not the best way. Statement of Douglas was made on Friday, but Val, who stubbornly denied disease, and continues to do so now.

“I pray for him and know. this dangerous illness is the reason why it is not seen in recent years” — said Michael.
56-year-old Kilmer told reporters that the last time he spoke with Michael two years ago. He just passed inspection due to the unknown origin of education on his neck. My thoughts on this subject Kilmer posted a post on Facebook.
“I love Michael Douglas, but he is misinformed. The last time I talked to him for a long time, two years ago. Then I asked him to give contacts doctor, with whom I could consult. I completed the necessary testing and no cancer I have not discovered..
Some of my fans have decided that my reclusive behavior means that I’m seriously ill. In fact it is not. I am grateful for the support and prayers they receive from you, but I don’t like speculation about my health and therefore should tell us how things are, to stop the rumors..” wrote Val.
He also said that now he writes more than is removed. The actor is busy writing the script of plays and books, which we will see shortly. More details Kilmer didn’t.
Recall that the rumors about bad health of mind went a long time. And despite the fact that relatives and friends of the actor claimed that he hurts himself Kilmer has not commented on this information and from time to time refuted it. In February last year he was noticed on the streets near the supermarket – the artist was only skin and bones. The eyes he hid behind a scarf and a gaunt, aged man was no longer recognizable to its former beauty. There was even information that his days are numbered.
But in August of this year, Val again caught the eye of the paparazzi, and we saw a great change. Yes, he’s still not fully healthy, but looks much better. I hope that the disease, or whatever it ended and is over.