Вадим Такменев: «Узнал про бойфренда дочери – жутко разозлился» Before the final of the contest “You’re super!” of NTV channel, the host answered tricky questions “StarHit”. Vadim Takmenyov said, fear for children and working on the project.
Вадим Такменев: «Узнал про бойфренда дочери – жутко разозлился»

  • IF I HADN’T BECOME a JOURNALIST, THEN… would go into medicine. Probably would have chosen the direction of “General surgery”.
  • A TERRIBLE TRAIT of HIS CHARACTER I THINK… temper. Recently on Instagram, read the comments under one of the posts was angry at the unjustified criticism addressed to me. How can you write nasty things about the person you personally know? Still, strange we have people who are evil.
  • MODERN GADGETS CAUSE a FEELING of… admiration! Like them to be changed frequently – it’s nice to use new products. As soon as the market got IPhone X, immediately bought it. A little expensive, but I wonder what new features appeared.

FAVORITE PLACE IN the HOUSE… living room. In a country cottage there is a fireplace that creates a terrific convenience, and in the apartment – big screen TV. Love to relax to look absolutely stupid movies – for example, “Fifty shades of grey”. I hate Comedy, and the rest – with pleasure.

  • MY PET… Yorkshire Terrier Shelly. She is seven years old. The idea is to have a little dog, as you might guess, belongs entirely to the daughters, Agatha and Pauline. Of the soul it is not tea. However, the trips not taken. Too strict requirements from the veterinary service… Leave with friends who love our unpretentious joy.
  • The BEST VACATION… with the family! At the last time point of the total harvest was the cottage. Daughters revived the old tradition to celebrate major holidays, e.g. New year. Before, they preferred to gather with friends. Now everything is back to normal. It’s insanely nice.
  • IF you happen to FIND $1 000 000,… will spend. Just for that… what to do with them? On travel! Because there is nothing better in life. Priceless to explore the world, seeing new beautiful places. A couple of months ago went to Sentosa island in the Indian ocean. Had a wonderful time the four of us!
  • I REGRET THAT… I Try not to regret in life. No, there is one stupid habit, I confess: still smoke and won’t stop.

FONDLY REFERRED to by her HUSBAND… just Lena. I can’t stand the diminutive perversion.

  • ONLY MY WIFE KNOWS THAT I’m… wonderful. We understand each other poluvzglyada. If you see that the wife tired, but need to cook dinner, then he will easily stand up to the plate. She is a fabulous cook, her signature dish – a cold soup.
  • WHEN I FIRST SAW LENA, I THOUGHT… go with her to the registry office! It was the hangout of Eugene Grishkovets in the theater “the Lodge” in the mid-90s. I then studied at the University of Kemerovo to journalism, she is on the faculty of Philology. Year talked, then decided to sign.
  • Very SURPRISED… how fast children grow up! I was in shock when I realized that my daughter has grown up. The eldest, Pauline, twenty, she is a student of the medical faculty of the University in Vienna. The youngest, Agatha, eighteen, she was interested in the hospitality and tourism business, to learn the intricacies of the profession went to Singapore.
  • AT SCHOOL PTA MEETINGS FEEL… completely comfortable! Girls always did well and behaved accordingly.
  • Biggest FEAR… when kids get sick. Remember Field for the first time went to the hospital, that was long ago – ten years ago. They were rarely sick, and suddenly inflamed Appendix. I couldn’t find any!

The LAST TIME was furious WHEN… older reported that they had moved in with her boyfriend and they plan to marry. First indignant, then angry and calmed down. Just a young man – a foreigner. Austrian. In a different country every week will not fly! Well, the youngest is convinced that going back to work in Russia.

  • THE SECOND SEASON OF “YOU’RE SUPER!” BECAME FOR ME… the same revelation as the first. Worried that it will be secondary, because the fun is shown. But I was wrong! The other children, the drama of life within the team is different. The twenty-sixth of may – final and we will know the name of the winner.
  • DURING the WORK IN the PROJECT UNDERSTAND… there is nothing more important than family.