Vadim Samoilov is ready to make peace with his brother

Вадим Самойлов готов помириться с братом Musician wants to establish a relationship with a relative. Vadim and Gleb Samoylov had a fight after could not determine who owns the rights to songs by the group “Agatha Christie”. The point in this case has made the court more in the past year.

In the second half of the 90s rock band “Agatha Christie” has enjoyed immense popularity. 20 years later the band broke up, and between the soloists, brothers Vadim and Gleb Samoilovy, a scandal erupted. The musicians tried to defend their right to sing songs that were written during the existence of the group. Relatives could not agree peacefully, and then turned to the servants of Themis. Last fall, the court ruled that the brothers have equal rights, as he created works.

Now between close relatives rather strained relationship, but Vadim is ready to meet Hleb to return the old relationship.

“Whatever happens, it’s one thing to gossip on the Internet, another thing in the court file, the Rubicon has been crossed, but in any case it will be my favorite little brother. I in kindergarten and drove away from the bullies defended. Despite the fact that I categorically do not accept the way of life and thoughts, which he chose. But I respect him that he lives what he chose. And I’m not leaving him,” admitted Samoilov.

The musicians have also been involved in the conflict and an elderly mother – she could not take any sides and was hoping that favorite sons will be able to resolve the conflict and to avoid the disorder. Vadim Samoilov: “Story “Agatha Christie” is not over”

However, until now, the Samoilov brothers, not established relations. Vadim suggests that Hleb doesn’t want to establish a relationship, although he is open to communication. The musician gets upset when the press gets information about their conflict.

“I’m not fighting. I also think that this whole situation is very stupid. Besides all that you see and read is the tip of the iceberg of our complex relationships between the older and younger brother, each has its own pros and cons. This is a great article. Where the truth is 10 percent. This race is long enough. Silly that it all spills to the press. I do not advocate such dismantlings”, – said the musician in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.