Вадим Казаченко обратился в психиатрическую больницу
Irina Amanti gave the results of the survey.

Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti

Photo: Instagram.com

Not so long ago the wife of Vadim Kazachenko — Olga with the help of lawyers demanded to check the singer’s sanity. The artist turned in a psychiatric clinical hospital named after Alekseev in order to obtain the necessary information to prove his health.

The results of the examination Irina Amanti, Director, singer, I provided copies of references from professionals, certified by the seal of the medical institution. “Evidence of mental illness is not revealed”, — the document says. “So, Vadim turned to substance abuse and psychiatric clinic and took the necessary certificates confirming sanity, adequacy and health”, — quotes Irina Dni.ru.

It should be noted that the idea to check Vadim’s sanity has recently appeared at the lawyer Katie Gordon, who undertook to protect the interests of Olga. Suspicion that October may not be aware of his actions came after his recent altercation with his wife in the courtroom. Then Vadim allegedly from resentment due to the lost of hearing raised his hand to his wife.

Parallel to this raging scandal that started on the set of “Live”, where Kozachenko got in a fight with Andrey Kovalev defending Olga and her baby Philip. The artists then continued to sort out relations in the social network. Vadim asked his fans to spit in the face of his opponent. He threatened Kazachenko beatings.