Vadim Kazachenko secretly married

Vadim Kazachenko secretly married The star of the 90s has decided not to save for a long time the status of the bachelor and married by its Director Irina Amanti. The couple did not arrange gorgeous ceremony, opted for a modest registration. However, the ex-wife of singer Olga Kazachenko marriage which is a sham, already picks new litigation against the artist.

More recently, the personal life of the performer of the hit “Hurt me hurt” is the subject of much debate. First, Kazachenko married Olga Martynova, and then left the pregnant girl and he proposed to his concert Director Irina Amanti. The pair did not advertise a happy event, and the closed wedding ceremony took place without guests.

“Nobody at the wedding was not, as all our relatives are abroad, in America, in Germany. And we spend 24 hours together as it was before,” – says Vadim details about this important event.

It is possible that in the future the pair will arrange a full-fledged celebration, which will be attended by their many friends and relatives. Recall that Kozachenko and Amanti have been together for 13 years, after which the actor began to meet with Olga Martynova. Despite the fact that their relationship came to an end, Irina has continued to serve as concert Director of the singer. When the musician was having problems with the young wife, Amanti framed Vadim companionship. The news about the secret wedding finally convinced the fans of the couple that in their personal lives, there is complete idyll.

“I gave Olga safely bear a child, at her own request. And then realized that I had allowed the law that told my heart”, – says Vadim about the difficult relationship with the former spouse.

Offer hands and hearts Kazachenko Irina did at the end of March 2017 during the fashion show. Then at Amanti was a wedding dress, and many fans of the stars thought it was very symbolic. Newborn baby Olga at the time was only 10 days. By the way, the actor in his interviews repeatedly questioned his own paternity.

“I have not seen a birth certificate, did not see the child. I’m not sure that I am his father. However, if the offer from the other side will follow, I as an adult would have found the strength to reach out and establish paternity” – emphasizes his position regarding a difficult situation a musician.

Now Vadim Kazachenko completely absorbed in his relationship with his new wife. While it is unknown whether the couple will go on a honeymoon or continue to tour the country. Olga Martynova is also not going to sit idle: the girl attends a court session in order to challenge the decision of the fictitious nature of her marriage with the star.