Vadim Kazachenko require to get a DNA test on the newborn son

Вадим Казаченко требует провести ДНК-тест новорожденному сыну

Twelve days ago, when a well-known Russian singer Vadim Kazachenko became a father. He only found out about it yesterday, and it is in no hurry to accept congratulations. The fact that the son he gave birth to ex-wife Olga Martynova with which they are very ugly and the scandal broke up a few months ago. He wants to conduct a DNA examination to know for sure if it’s his baby.

The representative Vadim Kazachenko said that the actor was in the dark about the birth of an heir. That he became a father, Olga didn’t tell him that, and he learned about it only from journalists of the First channel.
“Vadim will have a DNA test, and if it turns out that the child born of him, of course, is to help them” — said the representative of, not forgetting to remind you that the artist and his young wife was a “guest marriage”, and they saw him every two weeks.
The bride Vadim Irina Amanti was not pleased with the questions. The woman many years believed civil wife Kozachenko, said that her husband knows nothing about the birth of a child, because he did not reported.
Recall that despite the pregnancy Olga, Vadim managed to convince the judge that the marriage they have Martynova – dummy. The common property of the spouses was not, and they have no problem lit.