Vadim Kazachenko refuses to communicate with his son even after the official results of the DNA test

Вадим Казаченко отказывается общаться с сыном даже после официальных результатов ДНК-теста The actor had previously said he was ready to raise his son from his ex-wife Olga Martynova, unless it is proven that his paternity. The DNA results, released last week, confirmed that Philip’s father – Vadim Kazachenko. However, the current wife of the actor Irina Amanti says: of no communication of speech can not be.

11 December it became known the results of the paternity test of the child Olga Martynova, the former wife of Vadim Kazachenko. They confirmed that the famous artist actually is the father of 8-month Filippa.

Media quoted the statements of experts. “The probability that Kazachenko Vadim Gennadievich is indeed the biological father, Philip V. Kazachenko, the results of this examination is not less than 99,99999998%. An expert study should be considered complete.”

Vadim Gennadievich wished that “all was quiet” and promised that “we will do everything we can to Philip grow up healthy and happy child.”

However, it now appears that the actor does not intend to communicate with my son, although willing to support him financially. This was stated by his present wife and producer Irina Amanti. The wife of the artist says that although the test results were made public, but the court’s final decision not yet announced.

“What Vadim acknowledged father, we all learned by DNA analysis, but the decision the court has not yet announced. Olga also told the whole country”, – said Irina Amanti.

Wife Kazachenko, who had supported her husband in the course of a year, for the duration of this scandal, I’m sure Vadim Kazachenko not like the swindler and the scoundrel. And says that Olga Martynova “section” Kazachenko, spending his money and sold his apartment. Also Irina Amanti answered for her husband that he is not going to communicate with my son.

“Vadim does not abandon him: he will financially support. While of no communication with the child’s speech can not go. But it will grow, and I know he will find the words for it. I am very sorry for this boy, it in the womb already sold all media,” Irina said in an interview.

Vadim Kazachenko has repeatedly said that he is ready to take part in the upbringing of the child, if his paternity is proven. The artist has paid for a DNA examination, which was previously appointed by the court. Despite the fact that in disputes about who actually is the child’s father former wife of Vadim Kazachenko Olga, set point, the scandal surrounding this family does not subside. Recently there was an illegitimate daughter of the artist.

“Understood, Vadim saw mom this girl twice in my life. And suddenly she shows up, says he wants to talk to dad. And in one of the most fashionable Moscow restaurants. She did not go to the father for so many years, and then came the tears. Then came Philip to baptize little and also not think about my father. We do not know, Vadim did not see her whom to admit?” – Amanti said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

In addition, the lawyers of the singer Olga Martynov suspect fraud, alleging that it illegally copied the property acquired in marriage to his own grandmother. “Vadim G. intends to fight for his property, he has every right to do”, – say the representatives of Kazachenko.

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