Вадим Казаченко готовится к новой судебной тяжбе за имущество The singer wants to sue the wife half of the house. Vadim Kazachenko broke up with Olga at the end of 2016. After that, old lovers have exchanged lawsuits against each other. Months later, they argue about a country cottage.

For several months the famous singer Vadim Kazachenko is suing the mother of his son Olga for the property. The artist is trying to prove that the property was transferred to a grandmother and his wife illegally, and therefore requires to recognize the property acquired during the marriage. Today, a hearing was held on this case. The court returned the documents in the first instance.

“It was an appeal filed by the other party, – told Olga “StarHit”. – We previously won the dispute, then acknowledged that the grandmother is the legal owner. For some time Vadim was talking about how that is not relevant to this house. And now he says that he invested in real estate. According to him, I only bought the land and the house erected at his expense, which is a lie.”

However, the Director of the artist Irina Amanti insists that Olga illegally rewrote the property to grandmother. She told me that, to her knowledge, the girl did not work with 2008 and 2012 she was kept Kozachenko. According to their calculations, the artist spent eight million on the mother of his child. According to Olga, he namerevalsya to return this sum, but the court dismissed the case. Today, the musician may claim half of the house – as a legitimate spouse.

“We have provided checks for eight million from 2014 to 2016, it’s all there in how he organized her dream wedding, a sold apartment of his mother, he gave her. Vadim does not require eight million, he asked to divide the joint property, in which put money,” said Amanti.

Between women is still ongoing dispute as to who actually is the legitimate wife of Vadim Kazachenko. For several years the producer was for him the closest person, however in 2014 he went down the aisle with her. However, their marriage did not last long. Irina Amanti claimed that the actor lived with the girl guest marriage. Last year, at a time when the singer argued a fictitious legal relationship, he’s married to his producer. Now every woman considers herself the rightful wife.

The parties do not know yet when the next court session. Recently held a hearing about child support for a one year old son Kazachenko Philip. While the singer’s time with the payments he expects the decision will come into force, but does not refuse financial aid to the heir. Vadim Kazachenko ordered to pay alimony son