Вадима Казаченко обязали выплачивать алименты сыну The singer needs every month to pay more than 31 thousand rubles to the mother of his child. Over one and a half years Olga and Vadim Kazachenko are unable to peacefully resolve the conflict. This time the court ruled in favor of the mother.

For a year and a half has been simmering scandal over the singer Vadim Kazachenko. He was accused of bigamy – at the time of disputes regarding the fictitiousness of a marriage with Olga, he married his producer Irina Amanti.

In March last year, Kazachenko singer gave birth to son Philip, however, due to the fact that he never lived with her, the girl sued to recover from him alimony. On 27 February a meeting. As it turned out, the judges sided with the young mother with the child. He obliged every month to pay a little more than 13 thousand on the kid and 18 thousand roubles personally to Olga.

Fiancee Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti said that initially the mother of the son of the actor wanted to get the other amount. The producer alerted the list of goods that usually buys akaby Olga.

“She asked for 50 for yourself (apparently, the “louboutins” rose), a 40 – per child… In check was the alcohol, contraceptives, she hysteria,” – said Irina Amanti “StarHit”.

However, Olga does not exclude that they could buy alcoholic products but not for myself but for other family members. “I live with my dad, brother. Do not deny that such drinks could be in check. But what they say about birth control – it was not” – said Kozachenko.

Also the woman told me that yesterday she said that a man considers himself the father of little Philip. However, the man himself failed to appear at the meeting, as, according to his representative, is under house arrest.

“I’m in shock that someone called himself our father Vadim child,” said the woman.

Olga is happy that the court did not take into account this circumstance, and this information did not affect the outcome of the case. In addition to the hands she has the results of two examinations of DNA, which prove that Philip is the biological son of the artist. A young mother believes that the situation was set up by a famous singer.

The results of the DNA test: it became known who the real father of the son of the ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko

Kazachenko fears that the musician will not have to pay child support, the amount of which is calculated by the court. At the same time she wonders why Olga has such confidence in the dishonesty of her loved one.

“Why not pay for it? Why an honest man will not pay?” – asks Amanti.

Olga has told that Vadim himself was not at the hearing. According to her, the man was near the building and didn’t want to talk to her. Irina insults that the former darling of her loved one wants to allow for his account with a comfortable existence.

“I’m not fighting for money, I will go to the end. She decided to provide for themselves, I’ll make it work,” said Amanti.