Vadim Kazachenko made a sensational statement

Вадим Казаченко сделал сенсационное заявление Singer through edition “StarHit” appealed to the public. Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti decided to answer journalists ‘ questions and present his vision of the current situation around him.
Вадим Казаченко сделал сенсационное заявление

For fifteen years singer Vadim Kazachenko cannot resolve the conflict with the mother of his child Olga. Currently they solve through court a question of real estate, namely the land and unfinished house in the suburbs. Producer artist Irina Amanti says that it is her money the property was purchased, and Olga remembers invested in the dream house the funds after the sale of the apartment. Now the sides meet only in courtrooms and treat each other via social media and broadcasts a talk show.

Popular TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov has decided to provide a platform Kazachenko so that he could Express his opinion about the situation.

The full version of the meeting, see the stories of Instagram

Vadim Kazachenko has come together with Irina Amanti and lawyer Valeriy Panasiuk. The main theme of what he was talking about singer – provocation by Olga. The artist became known that Andrey Kovalev, Anna Kalashnikov and Katya Gordon are going to require a psychiatric examination at a press conference on June 21.

“We are absolutely healthy. I am ready live put Gordon, Olga Kazachenko, Kalashnikov, Kovalev, himself and Vadim. If you are not weak, I am ready to undergo any examination, and then we will prove,” said Amanti.

Was also affected by the resonance when Olga said that in the courtroom, he took her by the neck and pushed.

“There was no fistfight, small domestic dispute, not a crime. Attempted murder can not be called. The usual petty domestic quarrel, which may not fall under the administrative offense,” – said the lawyer Valery Panasyuk.

Olga Dmitrievna was suing for alimony. The court came to the opinion that she has the right to claim 13 thousand rubles for the maintenance of the child and 17 thousand for the mother. Valery has provided copies of receipts which prove that the artist transferred funds. Andrey Kovalev reacted to the air of “StarHit”. He says that Olga has still not received the alimony, which said Kozachenko.

Vadim didn’t give a clear answer, whether he considers himself the child’s father and did not say whether he would communicate with him in the future. It’s unpleasant to read the posts on Instagram, which says Olga.

“What does it mean to recognize oneself as the father? I pay child support. I was legally married to this woman. Any court would have appointed me father,” said Vadim.

In the spring Olga Kazachenko has submitted the claim about divorce, but then decided to take a statement. In late April, Vadim went to court to get a divorce. Still it did not move from the dead point. Lawyer Valeriy Panasiuk clarified the situation.

“Initially, Olga wanted to divorce, but she suddenly withdrew the statement. Then we filed suit for dissolution of marriage. But now the problem is that Olga is not registered anywhere and at the trial she said she “lives in different places.” In this connection, the court gave our case the last her residence. I think in a month this story will be finished”, – the lawyer told.

Vadim Kazachenko has told, that regrets that has not divorced early, because the next day after the wedding in 2014-m year, he said, they parted and never lived together.

“I made a mistake that has not filed a quiet divorce. Was hoping she will hear me. Got the money, Bank transfers and came to sleep from time to time and returned to the mother. In 2016, the year he began a second time to talk to her about the divorce,” said the man.

The first family Kozachenko does not understand the situation. My daughter Marianne, who education teacher and lives in Germany, a husband, a family, two daughters and a son. She is 33 years old. Irina told that they never interrupt the communication with the heiress of Vadim.

“Marianne, all my friends and relatives support me. My daughter is still in disbelief – Olga did not know her and did not speak. She was always asking where my wife is. I answered that we live separately”, – said the actor.

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