Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

Вадим Казаченко бросил беременную жену Olga asks for help from the public. The wife of Vadim Kazachenko said that he insisted on abortion. Now the woman is afraid that will remain without a roof over your head, being in an interesting position.

      Вадим Казаченко бросил беременную жену

      Vadim Kazachenko married his beloved Olga two years ago. However, the young wife of a musician few people knew, as they did not appear together in public. Olga Kozachenko explained this by the fact that I tried to advertise on the relationship with the artist. She got married when she was 33 and he was 50. Olga told, that familiar with a famous singer for ten years. They began to communicate with him via the Internet, and only five years after they had first date.

      The lovers were married two and a half years, but Olga got pregnant only recently. To her surprise, the news of an impending addition to the family Kozachenko was apprehended without enthusiasm. Moreover, the musician insisted that she have an abortion. However, it poledovalo Council spouse. Now Olga, who was seven months pregnant and has no idea what it will be tomorrow. According to her, Vadim Kazachenko, not only refused legitimate wife and child, but put her on the street.

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      “I’ve been in the same situation that my husband pretends I don’t exist. I am now in position and I need to live. And as my husband said he is not concerned, he asked me to have an abortion. He was wording like, “You abort, we’re divorced and live separately”, – said Kozachenko.
      Вадим Казаченко бросил беременную жену

      He Kazachenko appeared at social events with another woman, but said that they share only a business relationship. However, when in public, a companion of the artist called his wife, he is not trying to correct anyone. It is known that the woman he is coming out, is its administrator. In the past they also had a romantic relationship. Now the real wife stars of the 90’s afraid that she’ll have nowhere to live.

      “I spelled out in his apartment. A year after marriage, we sold my apartment and bought a house. It is still unfinished. I need to understand, he wrote me or not”, – said Olga.

      Mother Olga Natalia said that she was against the sale of the apartment. The house belonged to her and her daughter, but for the happiness of their own child, the woman decided to invest in a new home. At some point, Natalie learned that Kozachenko took the money. Olga is afraid that after the divorce, it may be required to pay the debt. Mom and daughter fear that Vadim can all imagine the way that he allegedly was taking money to build a house.

      Вадим Казаченко бросил беременную жену

      A friend of Vadim Kazachenko Natalia Shturm said that he doesn’t love Olga, and does not intend to live with it. According to her, the information the artist gave her in personal conversation. Sturm said the musician fell in love with a young girl, but after a while realized that he had made a mistake. However, he should continue to live with legal wife, but the so-called “guest marriage.” Friend Kozachenko said that in fact, Vadim lived with Irina.

      Вадим Казаченко бросил беременную жену

      Kate Gordon decided to help the abandoned wife of Vadim Kazachenko. The lawyer in the program said that now a pregnant woman should receive flowers and gifts, not to seek the truth. Kate sees the reason for what is happening in the machinations of the Director of the artist.

      “Vadim, it seems that now career take off. Conditions Irina is simple – to avoid it,” said Gordon, pointing to Olga.

      Friend Kozachenko announced that it will help the child if he will be it.