Vadim Kazachenko is suffering from allergies to ex-wife

Вадим Казаченко мучается от аллергии на бывшую жену Singer of the hit “Hurt me hurt” continues to engage in litigation with ex-wife. The current darling of the stars Irina Amanti stressed that her family has long tired of this story. On the basis of constant unrest, the artist has even caused health problems.
Вадим Казаченко мучается от аллергии на бывшую жену

A new trial on the case of Vadim, Gasanenko against the former wife Olga is scheduled for August 14th. In this regard, the ex-girlfriend of singer decided to openly talk about the conflict. According to the young woman, she wants nothing from the father of her child, but is forced to attend the meetings.

However, the current wife of the actor Irina Amanti holds quite a different view to the situation. Producer is confident that Olga wants to benefit from the popularity Kazachenko, and therefore continues to actively discuss the scandalous parting with the contractor.

“We don’t need her any millions, because it is elementary nothing to take. We want to forget all about this story. When Vadim hears about Olga, it is literally covered with spots, and every morning starts with the fact that asking for forgiveness,” – says Irina Amanti.

According to the producer, Vadim has indeed filed a lawsuit against ex-wife, accusing her of defamation.

Earlier Vadim Kazachenko was required to recognize marriage with ex-lover fictitious. According to human rights activist Kati Gordon, Olga was able to win the case, but the singer insisted on appeal. That is why the investigations continue.

“All lawsuits directed against me, I make no claims. Child support he doesn’t pay me. Now I help parents and friends. Can’t go to work, because in the hands of a small child. The only thing that Vadim will want to take the house and the car that we bought as a married. He was just about on my property to seize,” said Olga.

We will remind that Vadim Kazachenko started divorce proceedings, when she was already pregnant. The actor claims that he is not the father of the child, but refuses to do a DNA test that could confirm his words.

In an interview with “Interlocutor” Irina Amanti said that he doubted the mental health of Olga. “She’s on the courts instead of the child brings the doll. Once only son was — can you imagine what the person in your head going,” said the producer.

Olga herself has refrained from comments about the legitimate wife Kozachenko. Now the young woman devotes all his spare time nursing her son.