Vadim Kazachenko is recovering after mild heart attack

Вадим Казаченко восстанавливается после микроинфаркта Earlier, some media reported that the singer suffered a minor heart attack a few days ago, the singer was hospitalized and was in critical condition. Vadim has published a post in one of the social networks in which he asked not to be disturbed.
Вадим Казаченко восстанавливается после микроинфаркта

Earlier Vadim Kazachenko has denied the rumors about the paralysis. Some publications wrote that the singer was hospitalized and is in critical condition.

Вадим Казаченко восстанавливается после микроинфаркта“Friends, comrades! The news of my paralysis is someone’s evil joke. I suffered a second mild heart attack but is now at home with his wife. Ira and I do not give interviews about this, we don’t need a PR on this. We don’t expect strangers on our doorstep – I now need to rest,” wrote singer.
Вадим Казаченко восстанавливается после микроинфаркта

Kozachenko mentioned the name of a former lover and asked her not to cash in on it.

“Olga Dmitrievna, stop provocations and PR on my behalf – no albums, for your money I haven’t recorded and clips for your account is not removed. I don’t want to see your arrogant face. It is enough that I will see you in court”, – said the artist.

Also, the singer was asked to leave him alone and not to come up with gossip about him.”I don’t need your sympathy. A year you do the manipulation and provocations. You have caused me harm, brought moral and physical pain. For his decency and honesty towards you, I pay too high a price. You continue to provoke others to unnecessary chatter and scandals,” said Kozachenko. According to the artist, he no longer care about the negativity that you write to his address.