Vadim Kazachenko immediately went for treatment in USA

Вадим Казаченко срочно уезжает на лечение в США Irina Amanti reported deterioration of health of the beloved. She intends by all means return of Vadim Kazachenko on stage. That is why a pair in the next few days I will go to America, where the artist will be expensive test.

For more than a year Vadim Kazachenko suing his ex-wife Olga. Ex-spouses often appear in the air of Federal channels where outright insult each other. According to a current lover artist Irina Amanti, this whole situation has affected negatively the health of the singer. He has repeatedly appealed to the doctors because of the pain in the heart.

In the program “You wouldn’t believe!”Amanti revealed their plans for the future. In the coming days Kazachenko will leave for treatment in the United States, which will cost him a decent amount.

“My husband is not acting, and the fact that he is in a terrible state. Olga brought it to its sorry state. All these calls at night, the tantrums, the courts… Over the life of Vadim threatened. But I intend by all means to return him to health and strength for creativity. That is why we are now going to go to America. There Vadim will go to the hospital, and it is at the moment, $ 1,900 per day. But I don’t mind the money, if only Vadim was healthy,” said Irina in the program.

Despite the fact that health Kazachenko day by day deteriorating, he did not intend to abandon the litigation with his ex-wife. Now Olga wants to sue the ex-lover child support in the amount of 90 thousand rubles a month. However, Vadim definitely did not intend to provide Olga and their son.

Irina Amanti stressed that the courts will continue as long as the justice doesn’t prevail.

“Alimony in a similar size one will not be paid. Olga is a dishonest woman who uses own son in order to enrich themselves, and it must be punished”, – said Irina.

Olga Kazachenko convinced of his rightness. A young woman says that she needs alimony because she can’t go to work because she is on maternity leave and takes care of him. According to the ex-wife of the singer, as Kazachenko is not nearly as heavy. The actor allegedly regularly recorded in the Studio and toured extensively.

“He tells about the two wounds in his heart, but then it needs to be literally dying. Why is he still playing? I think it’s all lies,” said Olga in the program.

Netizens and viewers have long divided the two camps. Many of them support her, but there were also those who defend the singer. Fans hope that the scandal will ever go to the world for little Philip, who against his will was embroiled in a scandal.

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