Вадим Казаченко отправился на гастроли после инфаркта The singer performed at the concert “Disco 80” in Blagoveshchensk. 53-year-old Vadim Kazachenko after a scandal involving his pregnant wife, this week was hospitalized in one of the Moscow clinics with a diagnosis of “mild heart attack”. However, after leaving the hospital, ventured on a trip to the far East.

      The day after the airing of the program “Let speak” with participation of the pregnant wife of Vadim Kazachenko Olga became aware that the singer was in the hospital. The heart of the performer of the hit “it hurts, it Hurts” could not stand the emotional overload. According to the Director of the singer Irina Amanti, he painfully reacted to the charges against him in the program and on Thursday he was taken with a little stroke in one of clinics of Moscow. Vadim Kazachenko came down with a mild heart attack after a row with his wife

      But to the delight of fans of Vadim Kazachenko all without serious consequences. The singer recovered quickly and on Saturday arrived in the city of Blagoveshchensk of the Amur region, to take part in the concert “Disco 80”, which was held at one of the entertainment centers of the far-Eastern city.

      Photo by Vadim Kazachenko made before going on stage, in his microblog posted Irina Amanti. The woman was accompanied by his post the hashtag “Blagoveshchensk”, “native people”, “concert”, which leave no doubt that the singer is ready to meet their loyal fans.

      “No fluff, no pen! Good luck, I wish you warm meetings”, responded to the news that Kozachenko was preparing to speak, followers Irina Amanti.

      Recall that the users of the Network for several days fervently discuss the scandal associated with the name popular in the late 80’s-early 90-ies of the singer Vadim Kazachenko. Provoked unprecedented outrage in the address of both parties to the conflict pregnant wife of the musician Olga. A young woman came to the Studio program “Let them talk” and made the whole country the statement that Kazachenko forced her to have an abortion and when she refused to obey him, kicked out of the house. Olga Kazachenko intends to seek the support of her husband and the father of her child for help, she turned to Kate Gordon who has legal Agency. Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

      It should be noted that reacted very negatively to the output of the program with participation of Olga Kozachenko, the Director of the singer Irina Amanti, which is alleged to be the woman he loved Vadim. In comments on the social network, she noted that may deprive the expectant mother’s parental rights.

      “But if he is at fault and it’s his child, I still can pick up the boozehound… Wait for the finale…” – promised the Amanti.