Vadim Kazachenko has explained why not to see the child

Вадим Казаченко объяснил, почему не видится с ребенком Star 90 is not committed to meet again with his ex-wife who became a mother for more than a month ago. Vadim Kazachenko claims that have repeatedly tried to resolve a contradiction with Olga Martynova, but she didn’t want to go to meet him.
Вадим Казаченко объяснил, почему не видится с ребенком

Few months, the public is actively discussing details of personal life of Vadim Kazachenko. The actor can not reconcile the contradictions with ex-wife Olga Martynova, who gave birth at the end of March. Currently, the contractor is happy in a relationship with her concertin Director Irina Amanti. In a recent candid interview Kozachenko told about his attitude to ex-lover, and also explained why not visit her and the baby.

Vadim Kazachenko has explained the collapse of his marriage

“Boy I have ever seen. I think if it came, Olga played another show – called the police and began to shout that I terrorize her, want to take away the baby. I will say, wrong, wrong? Well, when I was ready to negotiate and compromise, but after the bullying started, I killed all human feelings. It’s strange to expect now understanding and sympathy. Anyway, while I have no desire to see and speak with Olga,” shared the actor.

Vadim Kazachenko considers that his ex-girlfriend specially draws attention to his personal life. According to the artist, Olga guided by the desire to become a star. “She wanted fame. And, even if scandalous, playing the role of victim,” says the man.

According to the singer, he repeatedly tried to get in touch with Olga to settle disputes arising between them. However, as the man says, she deliberately ignores it. In the future, says Kozachenko, Martynov will be served for child support for a child. In the course of the proceedings the contractor may be required to undergo a DNA test, to which he is ready. “This is a normal situation,” adds the artist.

During the conversation with reporters Kozachenko gave to understand that he was tired from the constant battle with Martynova. “In the courts, I do not go, is a lawyer, but it’s still very exhausting as trolling Olga and her supporters,” he said. The singer also said that the actions of the ex-lover he was subject to persecution by sympathetic to her. And after artist married to Irina Amanti, attacks, he says, only intensified. The current spouse of a celebrity is trying to support it.

“Of course, we will overcome. Most importantly, Ira and I together. She wouldn’t leave me, supported during this challenging time, it has always supported. Able to understand and forgive”, – quotes Vadim Kazachenko “Caravan of stories”.