Vadim Kazachenko has decided to leave Russia

Вадим Казаченко принял решение покинуть Россию
The musician with his sweetheart and moved to the United States.

Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti

Vadim Kazachenko, whose name in
the last time appears in the press in connection with the release of new songs and
with endless scandals, made the difficult decision. In the near future musician
together with his beloved woman Irina Amanti moved to live in the United States. By the way,
she announced the news and shared details.

In America, the singer will be required
medical examination: in the last year his health so
shaken, we urgently need to improve. According to Amanti, now Kozachenko does not have a due
experiences he suffered a second mild heart attack. “I called America. The doctors I
recommended: “Need to reduce load.” This Vadim regularly performs. On March 8 he gave
live concert in St. Petersburg, which lasted 3 hours and 25 minutes, and after
said, “I feel so bad that I think I die.” That night he did not
gave no autographs and interviews. To survive a mild heart attack two and a half years
very dangerous,” — said the details of the Amanti.

The departure of spouses in the U.S. scheduled for the summer: “Usually
in the summer we are two to three times to arrange a tour of the black sea coast. But this year
head South only once — in September. In summer, plan to fly to America
to the doctors conducted another health survey by Vadim” — shared
Irina with the “Source”.