Vadim Kazachenko has accused his ex-wife in alcohol dependence

Вадим Казаченко обвинил бывшую жену в алкогольной зависимости Loud divorce of the singer discussing for several months. Legal wife Kozachenko Olga needs to he acknowledged paternity of the son of Philip. The artist called the true cause of separation from the beloved.

Loud divorce Vadim and Olga Kozachenko for several months to discuss in the press. The actor has sued the ex-lover, asking her about a million roubles, that, in turn, said that the eight-month-old Philip is the son of the singer. The pair made a test of DNA, the results of which will be ready very soon.

Kazachenko refused to comment on the severance of relations with Olga. He categorically did not recognize the child from the woman. A few days ago, the singer decided to shed light on the true causes of divorce with the former spouse.

“Olga was always in trouble. She started to drink and couldn’t stop. No time was coded from alcohol, cigarettes,” said Vadim in an interview.

The artist also revealed that he never threatened ex-lover, according to him, is a fiction of Olga. The artist also doubts about its paternity.

Earlier Kozachenko told journalists that his relationship with Olga Martynova not get along. “Rare meeting date. Only Olga was already in the status of the wife, who wanted very much and which seem so hard for her to leave,” – said Vadim.

The man says that his former sweetheart he always was, really. “For them, she came to fight on TV, and met from time to time with me,” said the singer.

Jamie has applied for legal aid to Kate Gordon. The lawyer was able to support a woman in court, but litigation is still not over. According to Martynova, the needs of the little son of Philip lacks the means. She is on maternity leave, single mother help parents. Kozachenko confessed in a recent interview if the boy is really native to him, he will help him financially. While father’s feelings, the singer does not feel.

Kazachenko happy with a new wife Irina Amanti, the woman part is his concert Director. Couple was secretly designed in the capital this spring.