Вадим Казаченко освободился от беременной жены The court annulled the Union of the artist with the ex-fiancee. Now Vadim Kazachenko shall terminate the proceedings on the case of alimony payments, which requires Olga. Recall, the couple formalized the relationship in 2014, but they quickly realized that can’t live together.

      Вадим Казаченко освободился от беременной жены

      Gagarinsky court of Moscow annulled the marriage of Vadim Kazachenko and his wife Olga. According to the representative of the executor of the hit “Hurt me hurt”, despite the fact that the Union of the artist was invalid, the court will continue to consider the case of alimony payments which was filed by the woman.

      “Hearing on child support was postponed to March. The court found the marriage was a sham.That is, if the marriage is annulled, the legal consequences will be, was not jointly acquired property,” explained Victoria Dergunova, the lawyer of the singer.

      Recall that Kozachenko was married with Olga Martynova in 2014. The girl was a fan of his for several years. As claimed Kazachenko, later she managed to make him love me and get married. However, from the beginning they have had problems in the relationship. Vadim was shocked when I learned that she is expecting a child.

      “We had a regular conversation about what we need to end our marriage and live separately. And in that moment, completely cold-bloodedly, I would say, even cynically Olga took out a bag of paper together with the ultrasound pictures, threw them to me and said: “Here you are in tomato sauce! Now I’m not going anywhere,” – said the singer.

      At the moment Olga requires Vadim child support for the unborn heir. In a statement filed by a woman in December 2016, and it was discussed that the contractor needs to pay her the amount of three times the subsistence level in Moscow. The expectant mother was several times a guest of esters on Federal channels, which talked about the relationship with Kazachenko.

      On the side of the Vadim were Irina Amanti, which, according to him, they had a karmic connection. The Director of the artist said that she is trying to slander the man because he refused to live with her. He Kozachenko promised to do a DNA test after ex-wife give birth to a child. Besides, the man apologized to Irina for his behavior.

      Vadim Kazachenko about the scandal with his pregnant wife: “When a child is born, I will do a DNA test”

      “I have always been responsible for everything I did, do and will do. I had a difficult period when we split up with Irina. If I feel betrayed by someone, only her. Excuse me,” said Vadim in the air, “Let them talk”.