Vadim Kazachenko faces forced psychiatric examination

Вадиму Казаченко грозит принудительная психиатрическая экспертиза
This was stated by the wife of singer Irina Amanti.

Vadim Kazachenko

The scandal of Vadim Kazachenko and Andrey Kovalev from ex-wife Vadim
Olga Martynova is gaining momentum. After a skirmish singers in the Studio “Live”
the actors continued to insult each other on social networks. It all ended
what Kovalev said that Kozachenko was seriously ill. “Now I understand what this
mental illness and, in theory, we could spare, and to treat… — said Andrew,
responding to the threat October “spit in his beard”.

History appeared to be continued. At
apparently, Kovalev decided that, before curing Vadim, you need to find out
what exactly is he sick, having in the Studio “Live” forced
psychiatric examination. This was reported by the wife Kazachenko Irina Amanti. At
to her, “Holy Trinity” in the person of Catherine Gordon, Andrei Kovalenko and Anna
Kalashnikova, whose baby Andrew is preparing to adopt, “prepared
grandiose provocation”.

“Dear friends! — asked Irina to subscribers in the individual
microblog. — Ask all concerned
to make a census! After a failed provocation in the Moscow city court, after the failed release of “Let them talk”,
dedicated to the alleged “beating” of the former
wife in Moscow city court, three sisters: bearded
Conchita — Andrey Kovalev, the “monster law” Gordon together
with all their “sons” and an assumed name, she’s “undecided with the child’s father”
Kalashnikov is preparing another huge provocation.

On June 21 assigned shooting 13-series program “Let them talk”,
dedicated to the useless, old and forgotten singer Vadim Kazachenko. Infallible
“Holy Trinity” is going to be forced
psychiatric examination Vadim Kazachenko. Dear friends, let us
spread this news as widely as possible and as quickly as possible! Let’s help
they better get ready to shoot! Show must go on!”