Vadim Kazachenko became ill after bickering with a friend’s ex-wife

Вадиму Казаченко стало плохо после перебранки со знакомой экс-супруги The artist did not feel well during the next live TV show devoted to his difficult relationship with his ex-wife Olga Martynova. That’s about a year young woman can not find a common language with the contractor.
Вадиму Казаченко стало плохо после перебранки со знакомой экс-супруги

Singer Vadim Kazachenko continues to clash with his ex-wife Olga Martynova. The contractor believes that experiencing not the best period, as his name is often mentioned in the media. Some time ago, Kazachenko suffered a mild heart attack. Now with a man is his wife and the Director Irina Amanti. The pair appeared in the program “Let them talk” button to answer the claims of Olga Martynova.

Ex-lover Kozachenko says that he refuses to acknowledge kinship with his son and grants it needs material support. The artist himself is sure that she is trying to attract attention with the help of litigation, and her child could be born from another man.

“In 2014, I made a major mistake of his life – married for the third time. My wife became a fan. I sold the apartment of his dead mother and the money made a dream wedding. I was in love and had no idea that next to me is not a woman, and destroyer of everything that she touches. She was in conflict with the world. I wanted to get this war stopped, and her soul was peace.” – quoted in the broadcast of the confession Kozachenko.
Вадиму Казаченко стало плохо после перебранки со знакомой экс-супруги

Says Kozachenko, Martynov is constantly spreading the rumours about him and other information that denigrates his honour and dignity. “With me today lovely wife Irina. Left a bit – to put all the points in law in court”, – said the singer.

Among the participants of the talk show was a friend of Olga Martynova Evgeniya Kirichenko. She attacked artist with insults. “Vadim, you are a pig. You’re a bigamist, you have two wives! I have the right to say it” – emotionally said the girl. Irina Amanti hurried to stand on the side of her husband. “Who are you?” – asked the Director of the artist. However, Eugenia did not let up. As a result of Vadim Kazachenko has left the Studio, accompanied by medical professionals, clutching his heart. Behind the scenes of the transfer by measuring the pressure and provide the necessary assistance.

Вадиму Казаченко стало плохо после перебранки со знакомой экс-супруги

In the final transfer to the heated debate she was joined by Olga Martynova. The girl he met Irina Amanti for the first time in a long time. As soon as Vadim Kazachenko again appeared in the Studio, the young woman started talking to him in a raised voice. Olga said that it was dissatisfied with the large number of lawsuits filed against her ex-husband. The ex-wife gave a verbal altercation. The participants of the program were grouped around them in order Kazachenko, Amanti and Martynov has not gone too far, figuring out who is right.

Boris korchevnikov pushed Vadim Kazachenko ex-wife

“Vadim, come here!” – emotionally appealed to her husband, its Director Irina.

In the end, Kazachenko hurried away from the shooting. Presenter Dmitry Borisov promised the audience that his colleagues will continue to monitor the conflict that erupted between Kazachenko and his ex-wife.