Utiasheva and Will move to Spain

Утяшева и Воля переезжают в Испанию

Stars already gave the eldest son Robert in a foreign kindergarten.

More stars after having children acquire real estate in warm countries and in cold and rainy come to Moscow. But Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya went on. Apparently, they all decided to move to Spain and have already given a 3-year-old Robert in the local kindergarten.

“Laysan and Paul made this decision largely because of the climate. There it is soft and comfortable for the kids. In Moscow’s cold, high probability of getting sick, the epidemic of all types of influenza. Robert this year went to a kindergarten parents are very carefully picked for him. In Moscow will be back on time for work” – say, surrounded by couples, writes “StarHit”.

However, it is not surprising that the choice fell on Spain. After all, the country of paella and wine – a favorite place of the couple. Besides, Rosie already spent two months there during the second pregnancy.

But the couple of good news to share not in a hurry. Star Instagtam popping images from the shoot and all sorts of parties. But private life, the pair carefully preserves. Yes, what to say, because baby Sophie happy parents still did not show, and Robert’s followers saw only once, and in a funny helmet covers the entire face.