Утяшева и Воля отмечают семейные торжества в гостинице
Rosie admitted that a wedding anniversary and New year they were celebrating in the hotel.

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS

Do you remember the famous fairy tale the king demanded that the daughter of a poor man came to him “not on horseback and not on foot, not dressed and not naked, without a gift, but a gift”? It seems that the inspiration to celebrate a wedding anniversary with Paul Will Laysan utiasheva drew in this story. How to get away from home and at the same time not to leave? The solution was simple — remove the room in a luxury hotel overlooking the Red square.

“I came up with this crazy idea: to celebrate our holiday in Moscow, as if it’s a new city for us, says Laysan. — I wanted to see Moscow is beautiful, without traffic jams — the one which tourists see. We rented a hotel room and lived in it for two days. No car! Everything was within walking distance and a movie theater, and the Red square and Tverskaya street, which I did, and Paul loved to walk in childhood. By the way, the New year, we also celebrated at the hotel, only with children. We liked: professional staff for children, delicious food. At home, well and good, but sometimes you want a change of scenery”.

Usually these above resort couples to “spice up” the relationship, to make peace after a quarrel. But utiasheva says that they have Paul there is no ground for misunderstandings: “If people had a fight, it means they just did not talk. About something talking and the other person you decide to be yourself and to live this truth and be offended. You don’t understand what is happening. Because how do you know that in the mind of the other, if he didn’t tell you? Definitely need to talk! We are very much talking, and still trust each other and love. Handsome men very much, interesting, spectacular, but if you chose one to be with him, it’s your choice. Probably easier if something goes wrong, say, “Oh, and on the other everything was fine.” But it’s not the fact that if the other, you are in a similar situation, it would be good. I really respect couples who are fighting for their marriages, do not allow them to disintegrate, go for this compromise. Here is the sentence: “We lost the love”, what is it? So there was no love. I know when the guys fell in love with 20 years, not having tasted life, and then in 40 years divorced. This is one story, which, incidentally, happened with my parents — they got married very early. I for adult, conscious choice, so I married 27 years, so all the Pasha was thirty. And before that we were friends for six years. So we have the correct family. This is precisely what was said at the time my mother: when you love each other, but of the free. Freedom is not a minus sign, not in the sense of promiscuity, but in the sense that you each other not stifle, and support in all endeavors. We are very cool friends. I and my mother used to be friends. That’s why I remember every word that she was not just my mom and best friend. Now I want to be best friends with your kids”.

Full interview with Laysan Utyasheva read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!