#всегдазатебя: 96 городов и 14 стран поздравили Земфиру с днем рождения

Fans put musicians Zemfira did the beloved singer a touching surprise.

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More than three months fans have prepared a video greeting for your favorite singer to her 40-year anniversary. To participate in the flashmob gathered 350 of the singer’s fans from 96 cities and 14 countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Norway, UK, USA and Canada. Video greetings shot in suburban Morosco. And the rock band diva, with whom she was travelling in 2016, “the Little man”, he sang for her in London for the Michael Jackson song “Love is felt so good”. And what was the result, posted in the official group “Vkontakte” with the words:

“Dear Zemfira,

we thought long and hard what to wish You on this special, important day, picking her words of love, devotion and gratitude, but all in vain – there are no words that fully Express our attitude. So today we, inspired feelings, from different cities, countries and continents, of different views and professions, sad and happy, young and not, are combined into a single rhythm and dance for You!

Happy birthday! We vsegdaaa and Love never felt so good 🙂

Your fan area and Zemfira Band”

Also happy birthday to my close friend this morning in his Instagram account congratulated the theater and film actress, film Director Renata Litvinova, laying out a portrait of the famous ufimka:

“Zemfira! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Zemfira! Happy Birthday!!!! #zemfira #Zemfira

Happy birthday, favorite singer!

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