Срочно! Певица Нюша объявила себя невестой
Beloved pop star made her an offer of marriage.


Photo: Instagram Nyusha

Just a few minutes ago a 26-year-old Nyusha declared that starts to prepare for the wedding. “The bride I”, — shared the singer showed her engagement ring. Nyusha admits that the happy relationships that last a few months.

Elect Nyusha became the 36-year-old officer in the field of sports
Igor Sivov. At the moment the lovers live on three
city: Lausanne, where the headquarters of the organization in which the bridegroom of the singer in Moscow and
in Kazan, where I came from, young man.

Nyusha made a proposal during a vacation in Kenya. The singer reported about it in their social network veiled, but fans understand what it’s about. “That’s so fly Friday
The 13th full moon in Africa to celebrate Old New year.
Absolutely no idea how this trip
change your life,” wrote Jane.

Before the pop star is very carefully concealed his personal life, but now all the concerts said,
her heart is already taken. In the personal account Nyusha
publishes the status on the second half: “my love”, “love is in
the air,” “one love”. As sung in the famous song, “people meet, people fall in love, get married”. The time has come for
serious changes in the relations Nyusha and her lover.