СРОЧНО! Муж Елены Ваенги попал в реанимацию
Spouse star hospitalized in Moscow.

СРОЧНО! Муж Елены Ваенги попал в реанимацию

Elena Vaenga

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Roman Sadyrbaev

A few days ago Elena Vaenga
cold: because during his illness she was on her feet, appeared
complications inflamed ligament. According to Elena, in her throat formed knots,
which prevent it to speak, and the doctors forbade her to sing. After Elena became ill and
her young husband, bed routine but, alas, he has not done.

Picking up a complex shape
influenza, novel Sadyrbaev was hospitalized. “A tough day. Rommie already in intensive care. The flu…
sorry for the Romik. Well,I’ll wait, “parcels” to wear, — says Elena in his Instagram. — Take care of yourself and
each other, people. Not get sick! Very
sad to be ill at home when he’s in the house”.

But, according to the latest
the post singer, the novel is on the mend. He asked his wife to bring him a delicious meal
including Japanese. “For the first time in 5 days
something asked for: sushi,” writes Elena.

Elena has admitted that she’s sick, she don’t
can sit at home. Not so long ago Elena has compared his “sick leave” from prison
in prison. Fans wish our beloved singer a speedy recovery.