URGENT! Andrei Malakhov came to a new job

СРОЧНО! Андрей Малахов вышел на новую работу
At the Gorky film Studio begin shooting the project for the channel “Russia 1”.

СРОЧНО! Андрей Малахов вышел на новую работу

Andrey Malakhov


Last night came a special edition of the talk show “Let them talk”, which he dedicated to
Andrey Malakhov. The program was conducted by Dmitry Borisov and many guests tried to understand
what happened to the previous host, why he decided to leave the First
channel. The impression is that colleagues Malakhov still confused and can’t
accept the fact that Andrew has changed his place of work…

But it’s true! The old team of the program “Let them talk”,
which quit from the First channel, has settled not far from
the television station “Ostankino”. At the Gorky film Studio all ready to record
the first cycle of the program “live”, which is leading Boris Korchevnikov
will be Andrey Malakhov.

Boris Korchevnikov


This turn of events was predictable. It is this reshuffle
(the First on the “Russia 1”) and was called the main reason for the departure of Malakhov. Version
maternity leave, which sounded Andrew, of course, distracting
maneuver. When you need to say something, but can’t tell the truth, the reason
could be the future of fatherhood.

By the way, about the departure of Boris Korchevnikov of “Live”
spoke before news of the break Malakhova. But can you imagine
what leading channel “Russia 1” will replace the star in the talk-show “Let them talk”,
a few months ago was only possible in my wildest dreams.