URGENT! Alexander Nosik lost mother

СРОЧНО! У Александра Носика пропала мать
The actor asks for help from anyone who has any information.

Photo: Personal archive of Alexander Nosik

The son of actor Alexander Nosik was a tragedy — he lost his mother, 73-year-old actress Maria Chernikova, who worked in the Maly theatre for over 30 years.

“Yesterday, around two in the afternoon, my mother accompanied by companions-nurses went to the temple on the territory of the Filatov children’s hospital, — Alexander told 7days.ru. — There she asked me to leave her alone. It was okay, because my mom always comes home myself. The temple is located across the street from our house. The nurse quietly returned home and began to wait. Mom, unfortunately, is about one and a half years, more than dementia, she has problems with RAM. She just can’t find the way. All the things that she knows for a long time, they remember, well oriented, normal thinks. The road to the house for this reason is not a concern, all the while she quietly reached home. We were told that the typing of the Holy water she came out of the temple, but she never came back. On was color warm scarf with sequins and brown blown coat. Legs autumn shoes. Law enforcement authorities informed that they are already working on. I would ask for help from everyone!”

The Filatov hospital in the territory of which is a temple that was visited by Maria, located near the Garden ring between metro stations Mayakovskaya and Barrikadnaya. All the usual addresses of the actress checked but without people’s help not to manage. If anyone has information about Maria Alexandrovna Starikovoj, 1944 year of birth, or at least would like to see a woman on the streets of Moscow, please contact the nearest police station or contact Alexander Spout through social networks.