URGENT! Agnia Ditkovskite arrived on “Kinotavr” after the birth of second child

СРОЧНО! Агния Дитковските прилетела на «Кинотавр» после рождения второго ребенка
The actress and her mother Tatiana lutaeva appeared in Sochi.

Agnia Ditkovskite

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In Sochi, where he continues his work of the main Russian film festival, new arrive celebrity guests. Today at the “Kinotavr” came Agnia Ditkovskite.

This is the first release of the 29-year-old actress, who two months ago for the second time became a mother. Moreover, Agnes carefully concealed her pregnancy and has not given any comment about the changes in his personal life.

Recall that Ditkovskite has a little son Theodore (actor Alexei Chadova ) that June 5 marked three years. Agnes and her mother Tatiana lutaeva gave the baby a big feast.

Ride on “Kinotavr” is a tradition that every year trying to comply with Ditkovskite and lutaeva. It is only in Sochi you can see new year, many of which will not, alas, shown in wide release. So the true connoisseurs of cinema trying to get to Sochi during the festival, at least for a few days. Moreover, in this year’s competitive program is extremely interesting. For example, everyone is waiting for the premiere of the film Alexander Molochnikova “Myths” where he played many celebrities, including Sergey Bezrukov, Victoria Isakova, Paulina Andreeva, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Irina Rozanova.