Urgant was supported by Posner in conflict with Shnurov

Ургант поддержал Познера в конфликте со Шнуровым The presenter expressed his position regarding the events, caused a stir in the media. According to Ivan Urgant, he could not remain indifferent to the fact that Sergey Shnurov has caused Vladimir Pozner on the battle. Showman believes that such duels are a great way to settle the conflict between the opponents.
Ургант поддержал Познера в конфликте со Шнуровым

In anticipation of the new TV season Ivan Urgant gave an interview in which has told about a summer and commented on the recent sensational events. Reporters asked the popular presenter about how it relates to the conflict between the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov and journalist Vladimir Pozner. In mid-August, the musician forced the opponent to battle, stressing that he is not a principled platform for a public match. The actor proposed to the TV star to meet on Versus Battle or in the First channel.

Sergey Shnurov was called to fight Vladimir Pozner

“I just deeply stirred up this situation. I also hope to find her some kind of reflection in the program. I very much like Vladimir Posner, but my love for him, I often expressed using the vocabulary of Sergei Shnurov. They just can’t cope with his emotions. And Vladimir Putin has the situation explained to each other, talked it over, but Sergey has not yet succeeded,” said Urgant.
Ургант поддержал Познера в конфликте со Шнуровым

During the conversation with the media broadcaster in his characteristic manner he spoke about became popular rap duels. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, in contrast to the majority of Russians know how to translate the word “battle”. And this puts him in a much better position,” said Urgant.

At the same time, Ivan believes that this format showdown has a certain advantage. The presenter believes that the rap battle is a great opportunity to resolve the conflict and to settle the quarrel that arose between the two parties. “The emergence of such a phenomenon in our field of view lately can not make a good impression,” he said.

In addition, reporters learned from Ivan Urgant, did he fight Oxymoron and septic, also known as Slava. At the time, the broadcaster portrayed Miron Fedorov, competing with Sergei Shnurov in the program “Evening Urgant”. Being a man who always remains in the loop, Urgant could not miss this battle.

Russian rappers blew up a worldwide Network

“I, as usual, were entered in the search box the word “purulent peritonitis” and suddenly saw that there was a battle, and I, of course, with the great pleasure looked at him. And it was terribly interesting”, – shared the leading.

According to Ivan Urgant, two of the most important events that have occurred in recent years is a battle between Occimiano and Purulent, as well as the transfer of Andrei Malakhov on the other channel. On the question of the newspaper “TV Program” that will invite the Glory of the Communist party in the TV show “Evening Urgant”, the presenter responded that the program can call on any person that causes excitement and interest.