Urgant talked about addition to the family

Ургант заговорил о пополнении в семье The eminent artist said that he wanted to be a father again. In recognition of Andrey Urgant, it all depends on his wife Elena Romanova. The fact that the lady actor and TV presenter on a very tight schedule, due to which it is periodically separated from the husband.
Ургант заговорил о пополнении в семье

Recently in mass media there was information that the actor and TV presenter Andrey Urgant supposedly left with his wife Elena Romanova. Later it turned out that the information is untrue. Moreover, how did you learn to journalists, Andrei Lvovich would love to be a father. About it the actor said during a conversation with journalists. Now it remains for small – to fiancee Urgant went to meet him.

Andrey Urgant spoke about the breakup with his young wife

“Surrogate motherhood and other innovations to use will not. Let’s try the old Cossack way. I have strength enough, if the wife dares, I’ll be happy. Most importantly, I want her sucked into the maelstrom. And the fact she has absolutely no time for this”, – said the showman.
Ургант заговорил о пополнении в семье

According to Andrey Urgant, he and his wife are engaged in the construction of a country house, located near St. Petersburg. Discussing the design space, the couple regularly consult with each other. “Figure out where to place the cabinets where the chairs where the dog to sleep,” said the man. Recent acquisitions in the pair is the fireplace, which they decided to equip a room.

The famous actor also told reporters about the shootings in Moscow. In the last month of Andrei Urgant often come to this city to take part in television programs as an expert or guest. Leading, the man says, he’s not planning to become.

Every time Andrei Lvovich arrives in the capital, he definitely visits the son of Ivan and his family. As reported by well-known actor, he loves spending time with 9-year-old Nina and two-year-old Valeria. “I always have an hour and a half before the train to be with them. I frisky with her granddaughter. Read them books, they ask me about it!” – says the man.

In recognition of Andrey Urgant and his son Ivan very keen to shoot. The artist is fascinated with the hard work of the heir who always takes the time to prepare for the esters, despite the fact that “Evening Urgant” is each weekday. “It really is a lot of work and a serious history”, said Andrew L. Sobesednik.ru.

We will add that last year the famous actor and presenter celebrated its anniversary. Andrey Urgant celebrated sixty years. On this occasion, the man was a guest of the TV show, which is his son. According to Andrew L., Ivan had experienced the thrill of live. “I’m flattered”, – the actor told reporters.