Urgant section Malikova… cowards!

Ургант раздел Маликова до... трусов!

During the show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel, the singer and presenter has appeared before fans in the new images.

Be on 1 April, many, including “Evening Urgant”, would think that what is happening on air – a conversation with Ivan Urgant and Dmitry Malikov, dressed in shirt, pants and shoes, is a joke. But no, in the show of Ivan the new section of “Conversation without pants”, and her first party was Dmitry Malikov.

That viewers will like naked surprise, Urgant announced from afar:

“I just would never forgive myself if we don’t continue this conversation as the people who can afford to do it. Friends, our topic “Conversation without trousers,” said Ivan.

And after a couple of seconds in the Studio on high bar stools sat Urgant and Malikov in white shirts, boxer shorts, socks and shoes.

As it turned out, today the choice has fallen not casually. In the 90s hit Dmitry “You’re the one, you’re so” sounded everywhere, and the video for the song was constantly played on TV. Now, the video was in the bathroom, and Malikov in the video was also in a shirt and no pants. Urgant was always focused on the fact that the singer obviously feels comfortable in this form, but he himself is awkward to sit in his underpants.

“Here can see that you were featured in the video, but I can’t,’ said Ivan. — I feel awkward, but you know, the fact that we have the same lingerie, I am reconciled with it.”

Leading ever let go of the compliments to his guest. Urgant especially impressed, as he said, “fantastic feet Malikov”.

Fans of the singer took his new image is ambiguous. One considered such a move degradation, other bombarded with compliments figure Malikova.

“Indeed, someone in his pants, as something other, and someone without is a man!” – said the female half of fans of the star ladies.

Voted “Yes” and sister of singer Inna Malikova:

“Dim sum, so all was well appropriate. Trust me! And all got stoned from the memories of the clip. All videos are forgotten, and this movie will never be forgotten. He’s really cool, so it’s okay!”

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