«Уральские пельмени» заключили долгосрочный контракт с СТС The show will be broadcast on the channel for another three years. Evgeny Orlov told that an exclusive deal, the channel has offered the producers. STS is afraid of losing the entertainment programme so that revised the contract.
«Уральские пельмени» заключили долгосрочный контракт с СТС

Holding “STS Media” has offered an exclusive deal with the producers of the show “Ural dumplings”. It is broadcast on the channel STS for almost a decade. However, typically, the contract between the company and entertainment were signed for a year. As now used practice sale to show other channels, STS decided to play it safe. That is why they drew up a contract for three years. During this period, producers will receive several hundred million rubles.

According to Evgeny Orlov, Director of the “Ural dumplings”, an exclusive deal suggested by the producers. It is known that the exact amount that will get comedians, will depend on the number of impressions of the show and its quality.

At the disposal of “STS Media” also appeared archive “Ural dumplings. However, there are no issues 2012-2014 years. It is known that for a long period of time, the producer is suing ex-CEO Sergey Nitievskiy.

“Part of the rights to some of the older releases challenged in the courts and excluded from the volume, which we pass “STS Media”. We will seek the return of the creative team of the full scope of the rights”, – said Evgeny Orlov.

According to the current Director, Natascha was expelled from the team for lack of financial transparency. Sergei himself had earlier noted that former colleagues wanted to blacken his name. “I am convinced that these empty and futile attacks on my address rather work against them and image show. We gave the court all the evidence substantiated all the expenses for the production of concerts in Ekaterinburg. The court adopted and rejected my former colleagues in full, as one would expect,” – said Nitievskiy.

Earlier, the channel STS has signed agreements with Sergei Svetlakov and Alexander by Nezlobnym that will write scripts for TV shows. Accordingly, the entertainers will not be able to work on other channels. “STS and TNT constantly butting humorous programs. The producers of game content are many, and humor that can compete with TNT, is very small. If someone decided to poach the STS “Dumplings”, it would be unbearable blow, and a channel covering the rear” — according to respondents edition of “Kommersant” producers.