«Уральские пельмени» лишились прежнего директора Andrey Rozhkov left post. This decision was taken at a meeting of shareholders in the presence of all members of society. Yet the actor himself has not commented on the situation. In his place was appointed Natalia Tkachev.

In Association “Ural dumplings”, there was another reshuffle. Andrey Rozhkov resigned as Director of the team. This was stated by Natalia Tkacheva, previously responsible for the interaction of enterprises with the press.

It turned out that she was appointed to this position. “LLC “Creative Association “Ural dumplings” Director was replaced. Now, instead of Andrei Rozhkov team and I’m in charge,” said Tkachev.

The decision on the reshuffle was made at the shareholders ‘ meeting in presence of all team members. He was voted unanimously.

“This decision is comfortable for the shareholders. Our shareholders – participants of the show, people, creative, so to solve administrative issues they hired a Manager,” said Natalia.

Andrey Rozhkov became the Director of the creative Association in 2016. Recall that for the last couple of years the team has seen some changes. Evgeny Orlov became the General Director of the show in Moscow, replacing the sudden death of Alexei Lyutikova. He died due to dilated cardiomyopathy. Forensic scientists and criminologists have decided that the heart problem was triggered by the excessive consumption of alcohol. “Ural pelmeni” found a replacement for the deceased Alexei Lutikova

Besides, creative Association is trying to solve the issue of debt Sergei Natascha. He filed a lawsuit in the Moscow arbitration court, accusing his former colleagues in the withdrawal of assets. In turn, the artists felt that he led millions of rubles through the SP.

Nitievskiy blames himself for their problems, the current Director General. “The lawyers sum up all the expenses from concerts that we organized in 2014-2015. I acted as producer. The money was spent somewhere in the 16 shows, each 1.5-2 million in total. It includes props, costumes, and hall, and many other things, without which it is impossible to create a show. Now I’m surprised to hear about the lawsuit as if you guys didn’t know how I organized concerts. What they expect in court? Apparently, the current leadership of the “Dumplings” – or rather, Evgeny Orlov, wants to annoy me. Although it took four years”, – told Sergey “StarHit”.