«Уральские пельмени» нашли замену погибшему Алексею Лютикову The KVN team of Moscow has appointed a new CEO. 20 days after the death of the artist, his place was taken by Evgeny Orlov, who previously worked as a lawyer. He was chosen at a meeting held on August 23.

      «Уральские пельмени» нашли замену погибшему Алексею Лютикову

      In early August, the KVN team “Ural dumplings” was left without its Moscow Director Alexei Lyutikova. The man was found dead in a hotel room in Ekaterinburg. This news shocked all of the participants of a Comedy show. According to some reports, the actor died due to dilated cardiomyopathy. Forensic scientists and criminologists have decided that the heart problem was triggered by excessive alcohol consumption. In the hotel room found empty bottles from alcoholic drinks. The artist was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

      Experts called the cause of death of the Director “the Ural pelmeni”

      Within twenty days, “Ural dumplings” decide who will be able to hold the position Lyutikova. In the end, the new General Director of the show in the capital was Evgeny Orlov, who has previously worked as a lawyer team in Moscow.

      “He’s in our team for a long time, knows all the details, so we made the decision to appoint it,” – said the Director “the Ural pelmeni” Ekaterinburg Sergey Isaev.
      «Уральские пельмени» нашли замену погибшему Алексею Лютикову

      According to some, the founders meeting of team was held on August 23. Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Dmitry Bramatkin, Sergey Ershov, Sergey Isaev, Sergey Kalugin, Alexander Popov, Andrey Rozhkov, Dmitry Sokolov, Maxim Erica unanimously decided that the new head of the legal entity on whose behalf the command will be familiar to all participants of the show.

      As reported kp.ru Evgeny Orlov worked as a commercial Director in “Riki/Smeshariki”, led the “Idea Fix Media” and “Comedy Club Production”.

      Recall that the KVN team “Ural dumplings” at first did not comment the information that the previous Director Alexei Lyutikov died. Only a day after news of the death of the artist in the accounts of the show in social networks there is an official statement about the tragedy. “He put in a show all his skill and experience, brought it to a new level, and thanks to his efforts, the project was able freely and independently to develop, got a second wind, a second life,” written with gratitude to the team “Ural dumplings.”

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