По факту нападения на сотрудников «Пятницы!» заведено два уголовных дела
Crew entertainment channel suffered on the job.

По факту нападения на сотрудников «Пятницы!» заведено два уголовных дела

group project “Revitalise” held in the Kirov police station
Yaroslavl a few hours. After the attack the owner of the cafe and groups
unknown men leading Irina Wow I got a few bruises and
the bruises, the operator dislocated his shoulder, and administrator
the group was bitten on the leg by cook.

operatives of the Kirov police Department was stolen
things: expensive camera gear, documents, money and personal
things. For assault
the film crew and the obstruction of journalistic activities was
two criminal cases.

Head of Department of the MIA of Russia for Kirovsky district of Yaroslavl Khovanskii, P. E. provided the film crew of TV channel “Friday!” the convoy — police vehicles
with flashing lights drove them right to the station. Fortunately, it cost the demon incident.

“I would like to Express
sincere gratitude to the investigators that turned out to be
only know the situation in the city and can solve problems that
everyone thought unsolvable.
Thanks to our colleagues-journalists who sounded the alarm and forced
spin the wheels of justice a little faster. And then we would have been in
the police station all night. Thanks to all concerned!”, –
commented on the incident the producer of the project “Revitalise”
Oksana Shcherbakov.

The attack on a film crew of TV channel “FRIDAY!” was committed on December 27 in Yaroslavl café “Shashlik-mashlik” at the street, the house 19. In
the incident cafe owner and unknown men forcibly
put journalists out of the institution, using physical force and threatening
health and life. Leading Irina Wow was threatened with a knife. While the crew
was in the police station the facts of the incident,
bus “Friday!” was stolen valuables.

The project “Revitalise” — the program of TV channel “Friday!”. Leading “Revitalise” Irina Wow
fighting for the cleanliness and order on the playgrounds, entertainment
centers, amusement parks, game rooms, and cafes and
restaurants. Irina suddenly dropping in public
place and stays in it an impartial test, showing viewers
program all the pros and cons of the audited institution.