Update autumn-winter collection of clothes in stores FiNN FLARE

Обновление осенне-зимней коллекции одежды в магазинах FiNN FLARE

Finland – an amazing Northern country associated with frosts and winds. Indeed, the climate is subarctic in the North country continental. But climate is also affected by the warm current of the Gulf stream in the Atlantic ocean, so the average temperature is much higher in Finland than in the Eastern regions of the same latitude. In the autumn, temperatures in Finland can fall below 0, and winters in the country very cold. This peculiarity prompted the Finnish brand FiNN FLARE to create a warm and comfortable clothes that Finns would be happy. Clothing became popular and soon appeared in other countries, where we like to clothe themselves in the warm fabric of Finnish origin.

With the new 2018 Finn Flyer’ve updated the autumn-winter collection. Overseas, the brand offers update many discounts, activating that customers will save.

Warm new

Autumn is getting colder, and winter is very close. That means it’s time to bundle up and do it is important. Brand Finn Flyer offers an updated collection where you will find the most stylish, comfortable and warm clothing options. Women’s and men’s collection will include:

  • Jackets;
  • Jackets;
  • Coat;
  • Knitwear;
  • Light jackets and so on.
  • Pick a bow that will warm you even in the most severe frosts.


    The brand offers to buy parkas, pants and jackets at discounted rates. While there is a sale, you can buy all the most important for the cold season, while not causing much harm to the wallet. The sale presents a convenient and stylish for all seasons.

    Girls and boys to freeze in the cold season will not be. On warm and comfortable clothes for children also discounts that will allow parents to from head to toe to dress your kids without special expenses. Moreover, purchases in online stores are much more profitable.

    Discount on your first purchase

    New customers are granted a discount of 500 rubles. You can get it by leaving your email address, which will receive a certificate with the amount for purchases. Even if discounts do not apply to any items from the new collection, a new client will always be able to activate the bonus of 500 rubles.

    Discount when you pay online

    Online shopping is now more profitable. When you pay the entire amount online customers get 5% discount. To activate the discount you need to do is enter the code, to which section of discounts. The discount list is updated regularly, so follow the news and buy the products of the Finnish brand at a low price.