Без прикрас! Мама Тимати показала Алену Шишкову без макияжа
The natural beauty of the model was the subject of heated debate on the Network.

Alena Shishkov with her daughter Alice

Timothy’s mother Simona Yunusova, posting a picture posing with her granddaughter, Alice’s mom Alena Shishkova, could not
imagine what a stir the photograph would cause on the Network. The woman seemed nice in
ordinary life Alena is not painted and prefer sports style in clothes. “Girls
without filters” — signed frame Simon. However, fans of her son,
who are closely following not only the creativity of Timothy, but also for his whole family,
immediately struck Shishkov criticism. “The first time I see Alain
without makeup, I’m upset…”; “it is terribly obkololsya. And all it 25. It seems, if much
smile — and burst”; “Simon destroyed the legend of “beauty” Shishkova”.

Spoke and those to whom natural beauty Shishkova liked. “Thank
God. Is Alena — the normal people
and not a porcelain doll”, “Alena look like a home, warm
and soft,
not emotionless snow Queen of the catwalk”, “What kind of mother
Alice beauty without makeup the more”, “is Not recognized
I play, too, thought her younger sister. You’re so cute!”

However, negative feedback is “outweighed” positive, if not
the quantity, quality, and Simon, in order not to upset Alena, decided
the publication to delete. This reaction of the Internet users is quite
understandable. After all, Shishkova, who have chosen a career as a model, loves not only bright paint, but also to use fashion design software that allows
to retouch an image, which greatly alter the shape of the face and sometimes make the appearance of “space” and far from reality.