“Until you gave birth!” a pregnant Rita Dakota asked not to pressure her

«Пока не родила!» — беременная Рита Дакота попросила не давить на нее
The singer assured fans that they are the first to know about a happy event in her family.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota asked their fans not
to rush things. The singer needs from day to day for the first time to become a mother, and already
there were those who congratulated the star and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky with this
event in advance. In order to avoid distortion of the facts, the Dakota appealed to his
fans, assuring them that their Vlad family is not one of those who are inclined to believe,
“happiness loves silence”.

“My favorite, good people! addressed
followers of his microblog Dakota. — Please do not invent nonsenses,
do not make guesses and don’t call my friends and family with questions, and we
congratulations. I have only started 40 a week, and I had the baby! Even in
the hospital didn’t leave! On the contrary, wrote the song yesterday and went shopping today in
movie on film, “2049”, tomorrow at 15:00 going to the beautician. Thank you for your
experiences, for compassion, for caring. But not anticipate events and do not press
for a pregnant woman! I promise, as soon as that happens, you will be the first!
We have always been as open with their audience, not ashamed and not
concealed personal life, we are the ones who just believes that “happiness is not love
silence”, our happiness love sincerity, openness and honesty,
inspiring other people on their own. So to hide from you, we
do not intend to. It’s who we are! Officially declare that the first person we
we will tell, and even show things as they are, will our fans! Thank you
for your warmth and love, we all feel”.