Unrecognizable Taylor swift for Vogue

Неузнаваемая Тэйлор Свифт для Vogue

American singer Taylor swift became the heroine of the new issue of a glossy magazine “Vogue“. It would seem a trifle – the actress changed up her blonde hair color to platinum blonde at a photoshoot, and now she is almost unrecognisable. The editor of the famous publication Anna Wintour dubbed the image of the country singer “Star rock’ n ‘roll”, and I must say that it is her.

Неузнаваемая Тэйлор Свифт для Vogue
By the way, between Anna and Taylor have not just good, but friendly relations. With a light hand Wintour this year swift will be with her to the Ball costume Institute.
“I really like how Taylor looks on the cover: she’s young, modern and unusual. I’m happy she will lead the Met Gala with me. I really wonder what outfit she choose for the ceremony,” said Anna Wintour.
In an interview Taylor spoke about her relationship with men. In particular, touched their romance with musician Calvin Harris.

Неузнаваемая Тэйлор Свифт для Vogue
“I don’t want to rush, prefer to have things the way they were. We have Calvin and a great relationship, but of course I want them to remain ours, and so no one interfered in our private life” — as hinted at his unwillingness to further develop this theme Taylor.
The artist complained that the press always attributed to her more turbulent life than she was actually. At some point the singer is so tired that she decided to no one to meet, and this “celibacy” lasted for two years.

In the interview we also touched upon the topic of Taylor scandal with Kanye West. Recall that the conflict began in 2009. Receiving his award as best singer at the MTV VMAs , swift began her acceptance speech, but was interrupted by ran to the scene Kanye West.
The contractor is not only rudely interrupted swift, but and, snatching her microphone, and shouted that the award should give Beyonce. This year, West decided to remind about this story and in one of his songs even dedicated Taylor line.
“Now can we get on with Taylor sex, because I made this with the famous ku..” — Kanye sang. Then he tried to smooth his words and stated that in this case the”..” is a compliment and what phrase belongs to swift.
“I think everyone is so tired of this story. I don’t want to say anything, otherwise it will not end” — said Taylor.



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