Неоправданные надежды: почему семья Ойгена Мартенса вернулась в Германию Wife and their ten children left the German community Eslohe in December of last year. Parents were dissatisfied with the lessons on sex education at the local school, which was to visit their daughter. The family settled in kyshtovka near Novosibirsk and received monetary support from the local authorities. However, two months later they decided not to stay in Russia.

    Неоправданные надежды: почему семья Ойгена Мартенса вернулась в Германию

    In December last year, the Martens family fled from Germany to Russia. As told the head of the family, Eugen, they are unable to accept the new rules of German education. The school community Eslohe children began to teach the lessons of sex education from 10-11 years. According to the man, his daughter became ill on one of these classes, as illustrations on the subject was too realistic. The parents decided not to put the child on these lessons.

    The school administration reacted negatively to the actions of Doc ‘ Martins, and ordered them to pay a fine for truancy of his daughter. Mother and father refused to comply with this requirement, so they were sentenced to imprisonment on the day. The wife of Eugen Louise under arrest was not arrested, since she was pregnant with the tenth child. And the man spent the night in a cell.

    “This so-called gender ideology, when the child is told that he can decide who he is – a man, a woman, or someone else, there are dozens of varieties of all sorts of flooring. And it’s starting to vaccinate children in Germany almost from kindergarten. A school sex education is already a compulsory subject. Melitta didn’t want to attend these lessons,” said Eugen.

    The detention of Martens caused a reaction among the other inhabitants of Germany. In several cities of Germany have passed demonstrations against sex ed classes in school.

    The family of Eugen decided to go to Russia and settle in Kyshtovka Novosibirsk region. They left the three-story mansion in North Rhine-Westphalia and moved to the Russian village. The place was not chosen by chance. Eugen, who was named Eugene, was born in a village near Omsk, so knew the Siberian regions. His wife Louise also spent his childhood in these parts. Besides, a few months before moving to Russia, they met with people from Novosibirsk, which helped the family to settle all questions.

    Неоправданные надежды: почему семья Ойгена Мартенса вернулась в Германию

    According to the state program “Compatriots”, the settlers provided shelter and money for the first time. As reported in the regional authorities, the lump sum amounted to 150 thousand rubles, at the rate of 15 thousand for each child. However, this amount is barely enough to arrange to be in the village. Martens had planned to farm.

    “We’re going to build a house. Support from the authorities, do not expect understand that each for himself must take care of. Will do it at their own expense. Then get the farm, at first small. I want to be a farmer. So I have mastered many professions: I’m a welder and carpenter, and Builder. Believe we can do it all. The important thing is that we are now finally at home in Russia” – was initially configured, Eugen.
    Неоправданные надежды: почему семья Ойгена Мартенса вернулась в Германию

    In the division of labor of Novosibirsk region has noted that Eugen did not require additional funds from appropriate organizations. “With the receipt of Federal assistance – compensation for travel and baggage allowances, payment of various duties and the so-called lifting — Eugene Martens to the Department for migration issues of the Moi of Russia are not addressed,” – said the representative structure.

    How to tell the people of Kyshtovka, Doc ‘ Martins singled out the dilapidated house that was not the best of conditions. Besides, the family had to get used to the cold, buy warm clothes and daily use the stove.

    “We have no communications, no Kul’tbyt, no roads. Toilet on the street, to fetch water have to walk with buckets to the column, Banja neighbors. The children had to sleep on mattresses that were spread out on the floor,” said a local resident of Kyshtovka.

    “They left suddenly, got to Tatarsk, we left the car, apparently, went to Omsk, and from Omsk, I think, traveled in Germany, apparently, the plane. I don’t think they will have a bad impression of Kyshtovka, I don’t think. Nothing bad about them not talking. Our school employs two teachers who live on the other side. Math teacher right next to there lives. I say, Len, you there, I suppose, the neighbors are noisy, condemn? She says, no. We say, on the contrary, home furniture has changed, so wanted them a bed normal to take that. Well, we leave, it’s their choice, right? It’s their choice”, – said the resident of Kyshtovka Praskovya Savinova.

    According to people, of Doc ‘ Martins, supported by other families: bring the kids toys, clothes, helped to establish a way of life. The villagers told me that Eugen and his wife build far-reaching plans.

    However, 24 Feb Martens, along with his wife and children left Kyshtovka. It turned out that the man decided to return to Germany. About the reasons which prompted him to do it, Eugen did not apply. However, the settler promised to return the money that he was given power.

    In social networks actively discussing a story with moving a large family of Eugen. Some are of the opinion that immigrants are unable to adapt to life in Russia.

    “The fact of the traitorous flight of the family of Doc’ Martins, on the German homeland has angered the whole of Russia. Russia gave them all the mattresses on the floor, the floor, a comfortable toilet with pit toilet, lack of sexual education,” “there they plunged into the Russian realities with seksprosvet in the villages. Where to 15 years girls several abortions done, and the people engaged in binge drinking,” wrote the Internet users.