Неизвестная любовница Майкла Джексона написала книгу об их романе

Seven years after the death of the king of pop Michael Jackson his secret lover Shana Mangatal published a book of revelation “Michael and I: the Untold story of the secret affair of Michael Jackson” (“Michael and Me: The Untold Story Of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance”), in which he spoke about their relationship.
The book will go on sale in birthday Michael 29 August. In it, Shana will tell all he knows about her deceased lover – and his two marriages, and how the trauma of sexual violence experienced in childhood affected the rest of his life.

Неизвестная любовница Майкла Джексона написала книгу об их романе
Despite the fact that Jackson died in 2009, only now she was able to force myself to review video and photos with her lover.
“His death is a big pain for me. I only recently forced myself to re-read their diaries written during the relationship with Michael. Then I thought, “wow! If the public only knew all these things about Michael, maybe her opinion of him would be different. I see that it’s been so many years, and he is already starting to forget. He was the legendary person that needs to remember” — explained his decision to write a book Shana.
She met with Michael in 1988, and remained his close friend until his death. Despite all the rumors about the sexuality of Jackson, Mangatal argues that the artist is definitely “loved women” and was not “asexual”.

From the very first meeting Michael was flirting with Shana, big fan girl of his. Even then, she realized – behind the mask of such an adult boy image, which firmly entrenched Jackson and spoiled him all his life, hiding the real man.
The relationship of Michael and Shana were never public, but the woman says – among these were sincere feelings.
“Anything can happen between us for twenty years that we knew each other. He often called me at night and even contributed in part to his videos..This is more than can be said in one sentence,” — said the woman. She claims that every time when the relationship began to cease formal and closer to a more formal status, Michael met a woman who later became his wives Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley.
“Of course, I wanted more, but we don’t always get what you want. He was very respectful to their wives and cherished the marriage, so that speech could not be about the affair on the side. We became very close after the scandal in 1993, but he soon married Lisa Marie, and all stopped for several years until his divorce. After divorce process, he invited me to participate in the casting of “Ghost”. On the set we met again and the passion was rekindled. And then Debbie got pregnant Rowe Prince Michael Jackson II, and this again alienated us,” said Shana.
A representative for the Jackson family has not commented on the existence of this woman in Michael’s life, as well as the accuracy of the information. she is going to publish.

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